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We will update this page with news that comes out about the personal injury industry. As you can imagine, there is always hot topics.

Controversy is never to far away from personal injury as people have a different idea of who should compensate for what. Then comes in the debate of – were they compensated enough? Were they compensated too much? Was the case deserving of ANY compensation? You get the gist. We as personal injury solicitors from Manchester are always looking to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry. 

Some Personal Injury News Right Now

Trouble in schools

The Independent wrote an interesting article recently about teachers compensating over £30m in recent years. Why? Simply because of more cases of students attacking teachers both physically and psychologically.

Why is it happening?

The independent has quoted industry leaders who are blaming budget cuts. Budget cuts mean less staff, meaning less support and control over the classrooms. Certainly this sounds like it could be a contributing factor, but certainly not decisive. There are multiple factors that could be at play – like discipline, rules, punishment, home life, culture changes and so on.

What are the pupils doing?

The damages are pretty severe as you would expect with £30m worth of payouts. Damages are including head butting, punches to the face and body, pushing to the ground, broken bones and even lasting psychological damage.

Who won the most?

Some teachers received hundreds of thousands for their damages. This was the most in recent years. One particular case saw a teacher compensate £125,000 from bullying. She had to leave work, at least temporarily as the psychological damage was so severe.

Another teacher won around £100,000 for a similar psychological harm case. There’s a common theme here that the psychological damages pay out more. Largely this will be because of how difficult it might be to continue teaching as well as how lasting the damage is.

On the rise

The amount of damage and compensation is on the rise. Hopefully schools can sort out issues they clearly have. The statistics are quite alarming. Spending has dropped for most secondary schools. These expenses include on the teachers themselves, health and safety etc. so it seems like a very contributing factor but probably not the most significant factor.

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