Personal Injury Case

For this page, we wanted to give an example of a personal injury case. 

If you’ve never been involved in a case, the process is probably a mystery to you. 

Let’s look at an example of a personal injury case. 

Firstly, your injury, accident, harm, damages etc. would have to occur. 

We won’t be happy to hear about your damages but we’ll be happy we can help. 

Make sure that you come to us within 3 years of finding out about the incident or 3 years from when  the incident occurred. This is the timeframe that we can make claims in. 

Come to us as soon as you’re ready to make a claim. First you’ll chat to the team and then we can arrange a suitable time to meet / speak with one of our personal injury professionals. 

Speak to our no win no fee personal injury solicitors in Manchester about your incident and we’ll begin to create the case. 

We can create an agreement before the claim starts about how much you can expect to win and the overall terms of the deal. It will be written in simple, understandable terms – not lawyer jargon. 

The next step is gathering sufficient evidence to make your case compelling and persuasive. If you were involved in a car accident, we’d need the other car’s number plate and insurance number. In some cases, the police will have the information we need. 

Once all evidence needed is gathered, we can formulate a claim through a claims form to send to the relevant party. 

At this stage we will wait to see how the other party receives our quote. 

Results can vary at this stage. 

The other party might accept our claim. This won’t always be the case as opposing lawyers will be looking to defend their clients. However, it might be common in a blatantly obvious clinical negligence case to get compensation without much of a fuss. 

On the other hand the opposing side might choose to accept but negotiate a fee. This would happen if the other solicitors accepted the damage on behalf of their client but wanted to pay less compensation. 

We’ll either look to negotiate and settle on a fee with them or holdout for the compensation we want and take the claim to court. 

You won’t need to go to court in 95% of cases. Rarely, we might need you to appear if your presence will have a dramatic effect on the outcome. 

The judge will then decide if they think our side is entitled to compensation and how much. They make the final say. 

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