Personal Injury Car Accident

Been hurt in a car accident? You could be eligible for compensation.

What do you need to do?

After going through the ordeal you’ll need to take certain measures in order to make a successful claim. Failure to do some of these things could lead to an unsuccessful claim. Of course, some of the time, it depends on the type of injury you have sustained but these are good general rules.

Gather evidence

Get as much evidence as you possibly can. We’ll need to prove your case, so the more proof you can give to us, the more we can use in our claim and possibly court of law.

This could include taking pictures of the incident, getting key contact details of people involved and witnessing the crime. These will all be useful.

Key details

Make sure to take the details down of the other persona and car involved in the incident. For example, their name, numberplate, type of car, insurance provider, contact details and so on. They will be an integral part of the case.

Contact your insurer after an accident to let them know of the incident and the other person’s details.

Go to the doctors

Going to the doctors is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, you can heal your injury and start to get better. This is the most important reason.

Another element of importance is that you can get a full medical report from the doctors immediately after attending. Make sure to completely describe the ill effects you are feeling. This goes for physical as well as mentally. You might be shaken up by the whole experience. It’s good to have a record of this from as early as possible.

Just be honest and make sure to record everything. Don’t feel ashamed of saying anything! We are all about justice and safety, that’s why we’re in this profession. As personal injury solicitors within Manchester, the reason we are in this trade is to cure damages if ever possible.

A little side note we should add here is that whiplash usually takes several hours to feel the effects of. It’s a really common issue with a lot of car accident cases our specialists are involved in. Hundreds of people in Manchester get whiplash every single month.

So if you feel the soreness on your body hours after the accident, make sure you get to a doctors.

image of a car after an accident. Claim case