No Win No Fee

No win no fee is the way we work in 95% of cases.


For most of our clients, no win no fee makes much more sense than simply paying for private solicitor fees. Not only is it more cost effective on the whole, it also means there’s no risk of ever being out of pocket. No money ever has to be spent. You either win the compensation and pay us at that stage or you don’t pay a single thing. And we take care of the majority of the work, including appearing in court on your behalf if it comes to it.

Clients also get peace of mind that we’re going for the compensation just like them. It’s in our best interests to get the compensation money so we get paid too. Of course, being lawyers, we do everything legally, but it just shows we have the same motive. Plenty of personal injury lawyers would take on jobs that had no chance of winning if the no win no fee way of paying wasn’t in place.

We want our clients to win as much as we want to win. Part of being a solicitor often comes with a sense of duty and justice. If we think you have received genuine harm or a terrible accident, we want to help as well as earn money.

Do you only use no win no fee?

Not always. Some of our clients want to pay for our private solicitors fees by the hour. This can occasionally make sense and we’re happy to oblige if this is the case. Certainly, we want to do what makes the most sense for clients.

For most, however, no win no fee makes the most sense as it’s so hard to guarantee if a case can be won. This is because the other side will defend their client even if they are in the wrong.

It’s possible that it might cost less to hire our lawyer services by the hour if we were 100% certain of an outcome. You might end up paying less than the winners fee percentage that we would come out with. As previously described, it’s so hard to be 100% going into a case. New information appears, the other side introduces ideas that weren’t considered before starting the case and so on. Our personal injury solicitors Manchester company only wants you to succeed and get the most from your claim as possible.

If you started the case without using no win no fee because you thought it was a dead certainty, then you pay for tens of or hundreds of hours and don’t win the case, you could end up footing a massive bill.

As we’re no win no fee solicitors, you won’t have to pay us anything other than a winners fee. If we win, the losing side will pay our fees. If we lose, you don’t have to pay us a penny. We’re trying to win the case and don’t expect you to pay from our no win no fee deal. 

no win no fee solicitors working on legal documents