Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester are your go to solicitors for any personal injury or harm you have sustained. We are based in the heart of Manchester and serve the whole of northwest of England. We can help you out whether you’re around the corner from Imperial War Museum North in the centre or further south in Stockport.

Our speciality is winning our clients compensation when they have been wronged through accident or injury. This could be in the work place, in a private location, on the road, in a hospital and just about anywhere else you can think of.

If you think you could be entitled to make a claim, we are the team for you.


Let’s run through the reasons why we are the best at acquiring compensation claims in Manchester:

We’re no win, no fee solicitors

What does no win no fee mean? It means you never stand to lose or pay us any money out of your pocket. The only thing you can ever do is gain, and you might gain massively if you have the right case.

Why would I never pay you for a service?

We are a service that works in partnership with you. That is to say that our best interests are directly intertwined with your best interests. The way you pay us is if we win your case and you pay the fee we agree before mounting the case.

You won’t even have to pay for our legal fees. The other (losing) side will pay our fees if we win the case and all you pay us is the ‘winners fee’, usually a percentage of the total we are claiming for.

Even if we lose, you won’t be liable to any payment to us for our time or services. Nothing. So the only way we can make money as a company is to make you money through your compensation claim. We are happy to do this as we are confident in our ability to gather evidence and put forward compelling compensation claims that get consistent results for our clients. Only pay us if we win for you… No win, no fee.

Winning for the most

Not only do we consistently win with our claims, but we always try to attain the maximum total of compensation that you are entitled to for the injuries and or damages you have sustained.

We aren’t being mercenary and always play within the rules. However, we often feel that the damage sustained by our clients outweighs what any personal injury solicitor in Manchester could get for them. This means that we have no problem pushing for the maximum amount of compensation that could be classed as acceptable for your case.

We want to help you and we want to help in the biggest way possible.

A record of winning

When you suffer to these damages and this harm, you’re going to need a solicitor that can win your case for you. It’s no good hiring a team that can’t win cases. Winning cases might mean appearing in court on your behalf amongst other things. Hiring a new team, or people without a track record of success might mean that your case falls through.

Thankfully, we are now in a position where our strong team of no win no fee solicitors have made hundreds of successful claims in our time. This has resulted in millions of pounds worth of compensation claims.

Our record covers the whole spectrum of damages you might be facing in the personal injury space. Regardless of if you were harmed at work, through medical negligence, in your car, in a private setting etc., our team will have won a similar case to yours and won the maximum we could.

Why do we keep mentioning winning?

Winning is certainly what it’s all about for us as no win no fee solicitors. You come to us to make a compensation claim and to win the compensation. Anything short would be a failure. Ss

The side you’re opposing will not want to pay you – even if they have caused you harm

This is a sad fact of life and the reason that solicitors exist. People will want to defend their side of the argument, and their money, even if they know they are in the wrong.

You might think you have the most provable, sound case imaginable. However, because we are arguing against other solicitors, almost no case is this clearcut and certain.

The opposing solicitors are hired to defend their side of the argument.

Hence why we keep talking about winning. Winning won’t come easily to every team and you need to hire a team with a record of winning. If you hire solicitors that don’t have this record, there’s a good chance you won’t get the compensation you deserve.

Injury claim 

Medical / clinical negligence claims 

Have you been injured as a result of a medical professional? This could include any type of service within the medical world, from a GP, a surgeon, misdiagnosis, wrongly prescribed, anaesthetic negligence, A&E negligence and so on. 

We’ve dealt with plenty of medical negligence cases as they’re happening every single day. It’s unsurprising considering how active our health service is. 

One thing that’s particularly common is an NHS medical negligence claim. The NHS are administering hundreds of services every day and even trained doctors get things wrong. It’s human nature. We’ve dealt with the NHS solicitors team many times. 

Road accidents and injuries 

Suffered as a result of a car accident? Or anywhere on the road? Our no win no fee solicits are commonly dealing with road related accidents. Much like the health sector, we spend a lot of time travelling to and from locations. This means that accidents and problems are more likely to occur. Not to mention the inhuman speeds we’re travelling at. 

Work place injuries and harm 

Work is yet another place most of us spend a good portion of our time at. We can help you claim compensation against your company, your

It can be strange dealing with the place that employs you. Our no win no fee solicitors can help you claim against the company that employs you or someone within the company. 

We’ve mastered this process and will make sure your experience claiming through work is as painless as possible. 

Claiming from a public place 

If you’ve been harmed somewhere in the public sphere, we can arrange your claim against the relevant party necessary. 

Claiming from a private place 

The same goes for any private or commercial location. Be this in someone’s home or private property, we’ve made successful claim against people in private property. 

Childcare solicitors 

Anyone can claim and this goes for children too.

We’re happy to take injury claims for children through the proper procedure. Although we’re almost exclusively a claims/compensation company, other parts of law often overlap, hence also being capable of operating as a childcare solicitor, employment law solicitor, fraud solicitor and so on. We’ve dealt with multiple child care claims in Manchester, Leeds and the other areas we cover. 

There are slightly different stipulations when claiming as a child. One example is that children have the usual 3 years to make a claim, but the 3 year time period only starts on their 21st birthday. 


Mental, sexual and physical trauma

If someone has inflicted any of these forms of trauma on you, you could be entitled to compensation. Regardless of where the incident occurred. 

Timing is important. Please come to us within 3 years of your incident as this is the cut off point. We can’t take on claims that are older than 3 years since the incident happened or when you found out about the incident. 


As previously mentioned, this list isn’t completely comprehensive. There are plenty of obscure cases we’re dealing with month to month, we simply wanted to list some common problems we regularly deal with. Get in touch if you have a personal injury claim, even if not listed above. 

Need a Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester?

When you seek out a personal injury solicitor in Manchester, you want a simple process. That is exactly what we have. Read it below.

Get in touch

It’s really simple. Just give us a call to tell us more about what you’ve been through. Our team will be able to tell if you have a claim. If they’re unsure, we’ll pass you through to one of our solicitors and they will make the judgement. 

We don’t like to dismiss people but we have a solid understanding of what does and does not win cases. 

Understand your claim 

If we feel you have reasonable grounds to make a claim, we’ll arrange a time to speak to you further about your claim and how the situation arose. It’s really important for us to understand as much as possible about the case so that we can create a compelling case. 

Gather evidence 

After fully understanding your situation, we need to gather sufficient evidence to mount a persuasive case. 

We’ll need as much evidence from you as possible, as well as contact details of witnesses to the scene. Largely what we need will depend on the type of case you have. The evidence we gather for a car accident will be completely different to a childcare trauma incident. We’ll let you know exactly what we need. 

Submit the claim 

After sufficient evidence has been formulated – we’ll submit your claim form. From this point, we’ll wait to see what the opposing side chooses to do. 

Accept or Negotiate

The other side will either choose to accept our claim and negotiate a settlement fee. 

If we take the settlement fee, we might not be able to revisit the case (even if new evidence or damages occur as a result of the settled case. The damage will be ‘settled’ and somewhat closed) 

The other conclusion is that the opposing solicitors decide to appeal our claim. 

If so, we will meet in court in front of a judge. The judge will decide if we will be allocated compensation and how much we are entitled to. 

You shouldn’t have to appear in court. Most of our clients never do as we like to take care of the whole process for them. Occasionally we might need a client to appear in court, but only if we think it will have a major impact on the case. 


Our ‘we’ll take care of it’ approach means you don’t have to do much for the claim. We’ll need your help in the early stages to understand  your case and any evidence you have. But after that, we can largely arrange your claim to win compensation you deserve.  

Which areas do you cover?  

Although we are based in Manchester, our central location means that people from around Manchester still travel for our services. We welcome all personal injury solicitor requests from Leeds, Bolton, Liverpool and Birmingham. 

Often people from areas like Leeds, Bolton and Birmingham that need our solicitor services travel to us. We are happy to travel to clients though in certain instances. Please bare in mind our location as we won’t take on personal injury claims cases in places like London or Sydney. Yes, we have been contacted by someone from Sydney before, requiring an auto accident injury solicitor…! London is at least realistic and if you’re happy to tackle the case through communicating online / over the phone, we’re happy help. 

Do you work for people defending a claim?

Yes we do! For example a recent client is KDS Construction, they received a person injury claim against their company.  We have been in talks with them and trying to help resolve the issues around this claim. A company of this status and dealing with large developments, just view KDS Construction recent projects to see the type of operations they have on a day to day. They need to solve any issues around these types of claims so they run effectively in the engineering space.

Get in touch 

Speak to any of our personal injury lawyers by getting in touch at the office. You will most likely speak to one of the support team first as they arrange the work for our solicitors. 

Alternatively, browse through our site for the personal injury news and updates. Specifically, you can read our personal injury blog that will soon be filled with loads of personal injury related articles which will help you understand the topic more. 

No win no fee

In our minds, no win no fee is the only way to go in this industry. We want you to win and riding with you on the deal proves this. 

It also keeps our interests completely overlapping. We want to win and we want you to win. Occasionally it can make sense for a client to pay us upfront for our services, but most of the time, a private, personal injury lawyer is going to cost too much. 

So feel free to contact us about your no win no fee claim. You can speak to someone on the team who will then direct you to a personal injury solicitor (either there and then or arrange a suitable meet/call time) if you have a case worth moving forward with. 

We are happy to work amongst other respectable solicitors, like Broadway Solicitors. Broadway solicitors represent what we do with law: justice, honesty, hardworking and excellent value.

So if you need a personal injury solicitor in Manchester, we would definitely recommend ourselves. You will get expert help but for an affordable price.

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