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Welcome to Broadway Solicitors. We are Manchester's leading personal injury law practice. If your accident resulted in personal injury then there's a very good chance that you are eligible to claim compensation. The law takes personal injury very seriously, and it is here to protect you.

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  • Solicitors Regulation Authority

    SRAWe are regulated by the SRA. There are more than 120,000 solicitors in England and Wales, working in thousands of different organisations.

    The SRA set the standards Solicitors all need to meet to provide you with the right outcomes. SRA NO: 556484

  • Can I still make a claim?

    Don't be put off by thinking that your experience is in the past and that nothing can be done about it. In most cases you are still entitled to make a personal injury claim even three years later. There is of course no benefit in delaying so talk to us now and we'll get the machinery in motion straight away.

  • No win no fee!

    We have years of experience serving the people of Manchester. Our commitment to client care and the successful resolution of personal injury claims is second to none. And because we offer our services on a strictly 'no win no fee basis', your claim will cost you nothing. We take the risk – you take the reward.

  • Accident Compensation

    Some sections of the media deride what they call our 'compensation culture' as if the whole business is a joke. But as any accident victim knows only too well, the suffering and loss caused by personal injury is no laughing matter.

    Quite apart from the physical and mental suffering, there is the very tangible threat of loss of earnings and the inability to work for months, years, or ever again.

Injury Law

What can I claim for?

Personal injury claims arise from a huge variety of incidents. The obvious and most common ones are

Road traffic accidents
Accidents at work
Workplace negligence
Slips, trips and falls
• Criminal injury
• Post-traumatic stress
Medical negligence.

Injury Law

Need to talk about a personal injury claim?

Talk to us right now about your claim. We are always happy to talk to you. There is no obligation to take things further so you have nothing to lose.

Call 0800 644 8580 or Click here to chat now. You can also text ''claim'' to 87202 for a free call back

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Don't miss out. Start your personal injury claim today. Find out why we're Manchester's Number One. We're waiting for your call.